Interdisciplinary approaches in conservation and documentation using

the tools such as MiCorr, Discovery MAT and Pleco”



[NOMUS New Art Museum, Gdańsk, Poland]

April 11 to 13, 2023

The objective was to assess how the ENDLESS Metal analytical tools could support interdisciplinary work within professional teams. The first day started with a general overview of the three tools allowing interdiciplinary work. In the second part of the day participants had the opportunity to evaluate application of MiCorr tool to identify the metal family of objects from the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk and the National Museum in Gdansk collections from perspective of both conservators and curators. This work was pursued on the morning of the second day and developed further by the study of corrosion structures of metal artefacts. Later, participants tested DiscoveryMAT on brass objects. The third day was devoted to testing the Pleco tool and the workshop concluded with a general discussion on the use of the tools by interdisciplinary teams.

ENDLESS Metal WS2 2023 programme.


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