Who we are

Christian Degrigny (Chair)

Lecturer and conservation scientist. Professor HES at Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-restauration (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

Eva Menart (Vice-chair)

Head of the Department for Conservation and Restoration at the National Museum of Slovenia (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Katarzyna Schaefer-Rychel

Deputy Head of Conservation Department at National Maritime Museum (Gdańsk, Poland)

Monique Drieux

Director of the heritage conservation-restoration laboratory Materia Viva (Toulouse, France)

Paula Menino Homem (Science Communication Manager)

Conservator-restorer. Professor at the University of Porto (FLUP – DCTP | CITCEM). Director of the Masters in Museology (Porto, Portugal)

Razvan Gavrila

Conservator-restorer at H.A. Studio Restaurare (Timişoara, Romania)

Romain Jeanneret

Conservator-restorer of metals and technical objects. Head of conservation at Abbaye de St-Maurice (Switzerland) | Lecturer at Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-restauration (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) | Freelancer.

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