ENDLESS Metal - Tools to easier identify and diagnose metallic cultural heritage.

A training school for experienced professionals


At the National Museum of Slovenia

(Muzejska 1, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

February 15 to 17, 2023

Here's the second Training School foreseen in ENDLESS Metal!

It took place at the National Museum of Slovenia, in Ljubljana, for the development, in a real context, of examinations and analyses of metallic cultural assets that integrate its collections, making use of the tools of interest:

DiscoveryMat, an application for the analysis of metal and alloy compositions;

MiCorr, an application for identifying metal families and understanding corrosion structures;

Pleco, an instrument for identifying corrosion products formed on the surface of metals.

Twenty-one experienced professionals explored their application, and were expected to critically reflect on their characteristics of use, in order to contribute to their optimization and validation. They are also expected to disseminate the tools and enhance their use worldwide. The lucky trainees came from European and neighbouring countries (Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, France, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom).

Follow and join us, and we will all benefit from the transformative power of synergistic relationships!

ENDLESS Metal TS2 2023 programme.


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